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Complete Emergency Cleanup and Restoration Services

A disaster event like a fire brings additional damage beyond just the flames, or the water used to extinguish the flames. Long after the event is over, structural damage, smoke damage, residual soot, vandalism, and stealthy mold growth can cause more damage to your home or business than the original incident.

The damage caused to a residential or commercial property is not done, even after the fire fighters have extinguished the flames, or the water has been removed. Even more damage can happen if the problem is not dealt with properly and in a timely manner. Your home or business is at even more of a risk from damage caused by the growth of mold, from any water that was not completely removed or has infiltrated, from smoke and soot damage, or from vandalism from unsecured holes left in the structure of your building.

Fire can bring devastating structural damage, and can leave the interior of your home or business open to the elements. Natural disasters, such as severe storms, tornados, or hurricanes can ruin a residential or commercial property, tearing off roofs and shattering windows in just seconds. If the property and its contents are then exposed to the rain and wind, they will suffer even further damage.

The Precision Restoration Services Difference

If your home or business has suffered a catastrophe, make sure you don’t end up saddled with a restoration company that will make things worse by not fully mitigating the issues created by the incident, poor-quality work, or by simply not finishing the job. You want a company with a proven track record for cleaning up the mess and repairing the damage like it never happened. Precision Restoration Services is proud of our reputation for excellent work and outstanding customer service with transparency and professionalism.

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